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Can you hear me now?

Vocarro  is a great free Website to share your audible recordings and it is so easy to use.  Just go to the site press “click to record” and record whatever you wish to say.  When you are done, press the appropriate button to save the recording.  A URL will be provided and then you can press another button to share the recording.  The site also provides a code so you can embed the recording if you wish.

You will need a computer with an internal microphone or an external microphone that is synced with your computer in order to create the recording.  Also, this is a Beta version of the tool, so there might be times you find an issue with the recordings.  Usually though, the site works very well.

You can have your students create recordings and send them to you in response to a project.  Make a recording providing lesson instructions and place the link on your class Website for students and parents to access.   Share information with family and friends.  There are many ways you can use this Website.


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Some Helpful Common Core Posts

This post is a list of a few links I provided to my staff for Common Core Standards resources.  I will provide more links in later posts.

Common Core State Standards

Common Core State Standards
New York State Common Core Learning Standards for ELA & Literacy
New York State Common Core Learning Standards for Mathematics


Bringing the Common Core to Life Webinar


School Librarians and the Common Core (although this is for librarians, there is a great deal of helpful information to be found)

Common Core and 21st Century Learner Standards Crosswalk 

Information Fluency Continuum & Common Core State Standards

Standards & Curriculum – New York City Department of Education School Library System (although this is for librarians, there is a great deal of helpful information to be found)
Text Complexity

Defining Text Complexity

Lexile Framework for Reading 

Complexity Grade Bands and Lexile Ranges

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Need to capture and edit it? Use Snagit!

Many of us know how to use the Ctrl Alt PrtScn keys (or on some computers, just the Alt and PrtScn together are enough) to take a “picture” of our computer screen so we can paste it into a Word document or e-mail to share the information with someone.  I am sure most times you did not want your WHOLE screen in the shot, but just a segment of it.   There were probably times you wished to edit some of the features you found, but were unable to with the simple paste version.  Here is a way for you to accomplish both tasks.

Snagit allows you to click and drag an icon across the computer screen highlighting the exact information you want to copy and save.  In addition, you can add text bubbles, arrows, pop up features for when a student or viewer rolls their mouse over parts of the screen, etc.  You can place the image directly into a Word document, a PowerPoint presentation or save it to your computer for later use. 

A really nice feature is that you can change the background color of the image.  So say you wish to highlight something on a Website for a parent to view, for students to analyze, etc., but you feel the important features are not easy to read – you can change the background color to make the information easier to see and read.

You can also upload a video to Snagit.  This will allow you to have a URL created for students, parents, co-workers, etc. to view information you would like to share in one easy place.

The good thing about Snagit is that they give you a free 30 day trial to play around and see if you like it.  It works very well for the creation of worksheets and homework assignments.  If you decide to purchase Snagit, it is currently $50; but that is for lifetime usage.

In conclusion, if you find just taking a picture of your computer screen is not fulfilling your needs, Snagit maybe be just the tool you are looking for.


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Common Core Text Exemplars

This is a repeat of an e-mail I sent to teachers last year.  While it is mostly for ELA teachers, anyone can use it who is looking for literacy fiction and nonfiction exemplars which connect to the Common Core Curriculum.  The information is arranged by grade and includes web links to the full text.  There are also recommended nonfiction read alouds arranged by grade levels.

Common Core State Standards For English Language Arts Text Exemplars is a good resource for teachers and parents alike who are looking for material to help their student/child excel in the Common Core.

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