Can you hear me now?

Vocarro  is a great free Website to share your audible recordings and it is so easy to use.  Just go to the site press “click to record” and record whatever you wish to say.  When you are done, press the appropriate button to save the recording.  A URL will be provided and then you can press another button to share the recording.  The site also provides a code so you can embed the recording if you wish.

You will need a computer with an internal microphone or an external microphone that is synced with your computer in order to create the recording.  Also, this is a Beta version of the tool, so there might be times you find an issue with the recordings.  Usually though, the site works very well.

You can have your students create recordings and send them to you in response to a project.  Make a recording providing lesson instructions and place the link on your class Website for students and parents to access.   Share information with family and friends.  There are many ways you can use this Website.


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