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Yes Virginia, credible sources DO count.

Whether young or old, frequent or intermittent user of the Web, there is a skill that is missing among many users of the Internet.  The ability to evaluate online resources for credibility.

The problem was so rampant with freshman and sophomore students that Acadia University created an interactive online program to help Web users learn some of the skills necessary to check the reliability of their online resources.  The Website is called Credible Sources Count. 

What I like about this Website is that not only are the activities interactive, but you are able to see the results for all possible choices.  This way, whether you chose right or wrong, you can see what the result would have been if you made a different choice.

While the site does not go in-depth into the topic, it is an excellent introduction on how to evaluate Web resources.  Even though it was written for college students to use, it is accessible enough for students 9th grade and up to use as well.


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