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You Don’t Have to Work too Hard, Check Out Screenr.

Many people have enjoyed using Jing from one of my prior entries, but were looking for something that allowed for a increased recording time without a great deal of additional effort.  Never fear, Screenr is here.

Screenr allows you to video capture what you see on your computer screen and create a voice over audio file to accompany it.  The site is free and easy to use.  This is a great site for sharing lesson ideas with colleagues, teaching online skills to your students or sharing experiences (perhaps pictures you took and now can add the accompanying story) with friends online.

When you go to Screenr you are given a choice to make an account, or you can sign in with an existing account you have on Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  The choice is yours.  The site is free, no payments required. This is a Web based program, so you are not required to install or download any software.  The only things that is required is that you have Java capabilities on your computer.  Your computer will also need to have  a microphone if you wish to record your voice.  The site works on both Macs and PCs.

When you are ready, click the “record” tab.  A frame will open up on your computer screen.  You can enlarge the frame or minimize it.  You have the capability of recording your entire screen if you wish.  Once you have your size set up, open up the window of the information you wish to record.  The Screenr page disappears, but the frame you wish to record with remains.

Once you have what you wish to record on the screen and know what you want to say, click the “record” button.  The screen will count you down as “3…2…1” and then recording will start.   You do not have to speak throughout the recording, only at the parts you wish.  Whatever you do on the screen within that frame will be recorded for your viewers to see.  You can record from 5 – 15 minutes worth of material.

When you are done recording, hit the “Alt” and “D” key at the same time.   You will then be taken back to Screenr  where you can play the recording  to see if you like how it came out.  Then you can choose to delete it, publish it and/or save it.  If you want to save it, you’ll need to publish it first.  Just click on the button and a little over a minute later you are ready to go.   If you still want to save the video to a device,  just click on the “save” button and choose where you want the video to be saved.

You can also choose to share your video in other ways.  You can upload it to YouTube, but you will need to have a registered YouTube account to do so.  You can e-mail your friends the link, or embed the video into an online Website you have (Facebook, Jupiter Grades, etc.).  Once you embed the video, your viewers will be able to click on the page and watch it right there instead of having to go to Screenr‘s page to view the information.

So whether you are looking to share vacation memories, lesson plan ideas or information you wish for your students to view at home – Screenr might be just the tool you are looking for.


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Common Core Standards, Lesson Plan Ideas and Videos All in One Place

A library peer of mine just shared a wonderful Website that you can use for multiple purposes in your classroom.  It is The Teaching Channel and it is free for you to use.  All you have to do is register an e-mail address.

The mission of this site is to provide reliable video resources that teachers can use for lesson planning, Common Core connections and to find ideas.  You can also tap into your professional peers for methods that have provided successful results in their classroom.

Have you ever heard of a fantastic lesson, but can’t remember exactly how it went?  Odds are you can find information about it at  The Teaching Channel.  Did you see something that would be great for a lesson you are doing four months from now, but are afraid you will forget about it?  You can have the site send you an e-mail reminder at exactly the time you need it.  Just fill out the quick boxes and put it out of your head.  When the time comes, you will get that reminder with the notes you created when you had the idea.

Say you see specific moments in a video you wish to share with your grade or subject team.  You know they are busy and do not have time to watch the whole video.  You are given the tools to highlight the exact moments you wish to share so everyone can collaborate on the ideas as soon as possible.

Does your school have a program that the teachers use to post assignments and links for student work?  You can post the videos you find right on that page for your students to use as well.  Teaching Channel provides embedding codes for each video.  Just click on the “Embed Video” link and a code will be provided for you to copy and paste on any Website you wish.

So whether you are looking for a great lesson plan idea, information about the Common Core Standards or a video you can share with your students, The Teaching Channel may be just the page for you.

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Educational Videos and YouTube Videos

Many teachers have been there.  You’ve seen a great video you want to share with your class, but the DOE blocks the showing of YouTube as well as other video sharing sites.  Just when we find a workaround site, it is taken down or blocked in turn and you are unable to incorporate the video into your lesson. is a free Website available in both English and Spanish and can be an excellent resource to use in your classroom and for your children at home.  It is a non-profit organization that wants to make educational videos available to students, teachers, librarians and parents at home and in an educational setting.  The videos are chosen for children from ages 3 – 18.  There are literally tens of thousands of videos available for watching.

There are videos available on ALL school subjects, including the Common Core Curriculum.  A directory is provided to create better ease of accessibility in finding just what you want.  Videos are provided from: TeacherTube; YouTube; graspr; School Tube; Internet Archive; slideboor; hulu; slideshare and brightstorm. also partners with Citizendium and Curriki.

If you are worried about who is “behind the scenes” deciding what videos get posted, you are provided with a list of the Advisory Committee along with their backgrounds and affiliations.  A number of the members are teachers or have connections to an educational institution.

While the site may not have the exact video you were looking for, it is still a nice back up to check for something that will help inspire your students or make a connection to their personal lives.

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Can you hear me now?

Vocarro  is a great free Website to share your audible recordings and it is so easy to use.  Just go to the site press “click to record” and record whatever you wish to say.  When you are done, press the appropriate button to save the recording.  A URL will be provided and then you can press another button to share the recording.  The site also provides a code so you can embed the recording if you wish.

You will need a computer with an internal microphone or an external microphone that is synced with your computer in order to create the recording.  Also, this is a Beta version of the tool, so there might be times you find an issue with the recordings.  Usually though, the site works very well.

You can have your students create recordings and send them to you in response to a project.  Make a recording providing lesson instructions and place the link on your class Website for students and parents to access.   Share information with family and friends.  There are many ways you can use this Website.

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Need to capture and edit it? Use Snagit!

Many of us know how to use the Ctrl Alt PrtScn keys (or on some computers, just the Alt and PrtScn together are enough) to take a “picture” of our computer screen so we can paste it into a Word document or e-mail to share the information with someone.  I am sure most times you did not want your WHOLE screen in the shot, but just a segment of it.   There were probably times you wished to edit some of the features you found, but were unable to with the simple paste version.  Here is a way for you to accomplish both tasks.

Snagit allows you to click and drag an icon across the computer screen highlighting the exact information you want to copy and save.  In addition, you can add text bubbles, arrows, pop up features for when a student or viewer rolls their mouse over parts of the screen, etc.  You can place the image directly into a Word document, a PowerPoint presentation or save it to your computer for later use. 

A really nice feature is that you can change the background color of the image.  So say you wish to highlight something on a Website for a parent to view, for students to analyze, etc., but you feel the important features are not easy to read – you can change the background color to make the information easier to see and read.

You can also upload a video to Snagit.  This will allow you to have a URL created for students, parents, co-workers, etc. to view information you would like to share in one easy place.

The good thing about Snagit is that they give you a free 30 day trial to play around and see if you like it.  It works very well for the creation of worksheets and homework assignments.  If you decide to purchase Snagit, it is currently $50; but that is for lifetime usage.

In conclusion, if you find just taking a picture of your computer screen is not fulfilling your needs, Snagit maybe be just the tool you are looking for.


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Jump for joy when you use Jing!

I discovered this Website when browsing through Teacher Training Videos (an absolutely amazing Website).  Russell Stannard does such a great presentation of how to use Jing, I’ll let him do the talking –

Use Jing to create a live video of what you are seeing on your computer screen with your voice over providing audio instruction.  It is very simple to use.  Once you download the software (and it’s free!), you click and drag over the section of the computer screen you want your viewers to see.  Then everything you say is recorded.  Jing saves the video with your audio recording for you. 

This is a great idea for when you want to walk students through an online lesson or you are presenting a PD for your peers where they will need to use a computer.

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Where can I post activities for student group projects AND use it to connect with personal friends?

Have you ever wanted to post a hot topic for your students to debate?  Did you want your students to have the ability to post messages back and forth on a group project?  Have you wanted a central location to wish a family member good luck or plan a surprise party?  Then may be just the site for you.

 Wallwisher is a free site that works like on online corkboard or dry erase board.  It is an easy to use “virtual wall.”  You can create your account using your Google identity or make a “new” persona.  There is the ability to add links, videos and pictures.  You can customize your  background and adjust the settings so no-one can post a comment without your approval.  The site provides the ability for you to share the link to your wall through multiple methods.

Here are some ideas for ways you can use  Wallwisher:

  • Put up a topic with opposing viewpoints. Have the students post their thoughts to start a lively discussion which can connect to lessons in the classroom.
  • Put up extra credit questions for students to answer.
  • Have students who are performing a group project use the page as a forum to communicate.
  • Place links you want students to utilize for their homework, to view a presentation, watch a video, etc.
  • Bookmark sites that you feel would be beneficial for your students or you want to have as a list to share with your colleagues and/or friends.
  • Brainstorm with your grade and department peers from home.  Be able to see everyone’s thoughts and opinions at once without having to scan down through various e-mail responses.
  • For personal use – people can RSVP to a party or you can post an announcement.
  • Make check lists that students can refer back to regarding projects you give them.  Students can let you know if they are having difficulty with a particular step.
  • Get feedback on a lesson you taught.  What worked? What didn’t?  What would help the students in the future?
  • Are you creating a lesson for a staff PD?  Get real-time responses to use during breaks that you can address when everyone reconvenes.

I am sure you can come up with many more ways to use this site.  I think it will be a time saver both in your professional and personal lives.


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