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Current Events For All Readers

Many of us have faced a similar problem.  Either we ourselves, or someone in our care needs to do work involving Current Events.  Quite often, the person might have difficulty understanding the article at the given reading level.  Sometimes the person is an advanced reader and finds the given article too easy.  Now there is a solution for both – Newsela.

Newsela is an organization that provides articles at reading levels from fourth grade to college ready.  Viewers can read the original article or choose the reading level that is just right for them.  Newsela edits the article to fit that particular reading level.  In addition to world events, science, law  and financial matters, readers can find articles relevant to children and young adult interests in today’s world.  All of the articles are obtained from well-known, news worthy organizations.   If the reading level is changed, the “meat” of the article is kept, while the vocabulary of the reading is altered to fit the requested level.

You do not need to register; however, if you do not, you are limited to five articles a day.  Registration provides you with unlimited access and it is free.  You can create class groupings and assign your students a code for them to use so they can register safely.

You also have the ability to create online quizzes on the material for the students to take.  The quizzes are aligned with the Common Core standards and will help you to determine what reading level and understanding level your student is currently functioning at.

If you are using Newsela for assignments, I would still double check that the material you want to be covered is available in all of the reading levels your group requires.

So whether you are looking for a news source in your personal life, for your child or your student, Newsela is an excellent resource to try.


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Common Core Standards, Lesson Plan Ideas and Videos All in One Place

A library peer of mine just shared a wonderful Website that you can use for multiple purposes in your classroom.  It is The Teaching Channel and it is free for you to use.  All you have to do is register an e-mail address.

The mission of this site is to provide reliable video resources that teachers can use for lesson planning, Common Core connections and to find ideas.  You can also tap into your professional peers for methods that have provided successful results in their classroom.

Have you ever heard of a fantastic lesson, but can’t remember exactly how it went?  Odds are you can find information about it at  The Teaching Channel.  Did you see something that would be great for a lesson you are doing four months from now, but are afraid you will forget about it?  You can have the site send you an e-mail reminder at exactly the time you need it.  Just fill out the quick boxes and put it out of your head.  When the time comes, you will get that reminder with the notes you created when you had the idea.

Say you see specific moments in a video you wish to share with your grade or subject team.  You know they are busy and do not have time to watch the whole video.  You are given the tools to highlight the exact moments you wish to share so everyone can collaborate on the ideas as soon as possible.

Does your school have a program that the teachers use to post assignments and links for student work?  You can post the videos you find right on that page for your students to use as well.  Teaching Channel provides embedding codes for each video.  Just click on the “Embed Video” link and a code will be provided for you to copy and paste on any Website you wish.

So whether you are looking for a great lesson plan idea, information about the Common Core Standards or a video you can share with your students, The Teaching Channel may be just the page for you.

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Educational Videos and YouTube Videos

Many teachers have been there.  You’ve seen a great video you want to share with your class, but the DOE blocks the showing of YouTube as well as other video sharing sites.  Just when we find a workaround site, it is taken down or blocked in turn and you are unable to incorporate the video into your lesson.

WatchKnowLearn.org is a free Website available in both English and Spanish and can be an excellent resource to use in your classroom and for your children at home.  It is a non-profit organization that wants to make educational videos available to students, teachers, librarians and parents at home and in an educational setting.  The videos are chosen for children from ages 3 – 18.  There are literally tens of thousands of videos available for watching.

There are videos available on ALL school subjects, including the Common Core Curriculum.  A directory is provided to create better ease of accessibility in finding just what you want.  Videos are provided from: TeacherTube; YouTube; graspr; School Tube; Internet Archive; slideboor; hulu; slideshare and brightstorm.  WatchKnowLearn.org also partners with Citizendium and Curriki.

If you are worried about who is “behind the scenes” deciding what videos get posted, you are provided with a list of the Advisory Committee along with their backgrounds and affiliations.  A number of the members are teachers or have connections to an educational institution.

While the site may not have the exact video you were looking for, it is still a nice back up to check for something that will help inspire your students or make a connection to their personal lives.

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Some Helpful Common Core Posts

This post is a list of a few links I provided to my staff for Common Core Standards resources.  I will provide more links in later posts.

Common Core State Standards

Common Core State Standards
New York State Common Core Learning Standards for ELA & Literacy
New York State Common Core Learning Standards for Mathematics


Bringing the Common Core to Life Webinar


School Librarians and the Common Core (although this is for librarians, there is a great deal of helpful information to be found)

Common Core and 21st Century Learner Standards Crosswalk 

Information Fluency Continuum & Common Core State Standards

Standards & Curriculum – New York City Department of Education School Library System (although this is for librarians, there is a great deal of helpful information to be found)
Text Complexity

Defining Text Complexity

Lexile Framework for Reading 

Complexity Grade Bands and Lexile Ranges

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Common Core Text Exemplars

This is a repeat of an e-mail I sent to teachers last year.  While it is mostly for ELA teachers, anyone can use it who is looking for literacy fiction and nonfiction exemplars which connect to the Common Core Curriculum.  The information is arranged by grade and includes web links to the full text.  There are also recommended nonfiction read alouds arranged by grade levels.

Common Core State Standards For English Language Arts Text Exemplars is a good resource for teachers and parents alike who are looking for material to help their student/child excel in the Common Core.

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A place to share teaching resources and ideas.

A new Website has come into being to help teachers of all grade levels share ideas, lessons and resources which can be utilized in the classroom.   When you are looking for help, who better than another teacher knows what you are going through?  On ShareMyLesson – www.sharemylesson.com teachers share their ideas, lessons and experiences which have worked for them in the classroom.  Best of all…. the site is absolutely free!

The American Federation of Teachers recommended this Website in their September/October 2012 issue of American Teacher as a wonderful resource for preschool to college level teachers.

Need help with the Common Core Standards?  Not to worry.  With the emphasis of these standards in education today, you will find many resources on this site to help you.

Why not give ShareMyLesson a try?  It already has over 180,000 resources available for you to use. 

Good or bad, let me know what you think.  Happy exploring 🙂


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